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Zodiac / Jandy Warranty Alert

On September 24th, 2018, Zodiac announced that they would be prohibiting the sale of certain products online and refusing to honor warranties of other products if they are purchased from companies with an online presence.

Consumers should be aware that any item purchased online manufactured by Zodiac could be subject to a warranty claim denial strictly based on where you purchased the item.

For example, if you order a replacement light online for your electrician to install in your pool, and it is defective out of the box, Zodiac will not replace this because you ordered it online.

This warranty policy is effective even if the website you purchased it from states that the item includes a warranty – It includes a warranty which Zodiac will not honor.

Zodiac will not honor warranty claims for items ordered on, and any other retailer with an online store even if it’s your local pool store.

We highly suggest that you explore items manufactured by other reputable manufacturers on our website rather than purchasing an item manufactured by Zodiac. is more than happy to work with you to find alternatives to Zodiac because the alternatives will come with a warranty.

Unfortunately, since Zodiac will not warranty their products, cannot offer a warranty or assist with a defective item. We have posted more information on each item’s webpage regarding Zodiac and Jandy’s warranty policy.

Many states require manufacturers provide warranties on products under their respective consumer protection laws. We suggest contacting your state’s attorney general for clarification or if your warranty claim was denied by Zodiac based on where you purchased the item.

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