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Selecting a CAT Controller

Looking to automate your pool? Hayward CAT Controllers are the industry leader in automation. Learn about the model differences here!

Hayward CAT Controllers are among the most popular, easiest-to-use control systems available for commercial swimming pools. They come pre-configured with everything required to make water chemistry management simple, convenient, and affordable. With a number of different models and options available, however, it is important to understand the differences in order to find the best fit for your needs.

For the most part, CAT models differ by two factors: the elements monitored, and how information is reported back to the pool owner. There are also a number of upgrades available, like a higher quality machined flow cell, gold ORP sensors, or chemical feed pumps and tanks. Please refer to the following table for a breakdown!

CAT Controller Model Comparison

  CAT 1000 CAT 2000 CAT 2000 (PP2000) CAT 3500 CAT 4000 CAT 5000 CAT 5500
Water Level
Tank Level
Digital Flow
Total Dissolved Solids
NaCL (Pool Salt)
Backup Sanitization
Auxillary Relays N/A N/A N/A 1 1 2 3
PVC Backboard
Flow Cell/Flow Sensor
Installation Kit
Communications N/A N/A N/A N/A WiFi
Gold ORP Sensor O O O O
Machined Flow Cell
and Rotary Flow Sensor

CAT Communication Options

Wi-Fi Transceiver
Using Wi-Fi connection is now one of the most popular options for the CAT controllers. With many more facilities offering wi-fi for their patrons, utilizing this same service is a no-brainer for many installers. Wi-Fi connections require no additional subscription charges to access the Pool Comm ( services for online monitoring. The other connections require a monthly charge to cover the transmission services. If wi-fi is available at your pool, we suggest purchasing this option. Many older units can be converted with retrofit kits to use wi-fi instead of other communication options.

Cellular Transceiver
Cellular connectivity is the next best option for connecting your CAT Controller to the PoolComm site. If you have cell phone reception in your pump room, this is a reliable method of communicating. Using the cellular transceiver option does require a monthly fee to communicate.

Satellite Transceiver
When internet connections and cellular service are unavailable at your pool, there is still the option to connect via satellite for worldwide coverage. The provided antenna will need to be installed outside with clear visibility to the open sky for best results. Using the satellite transceiver option does require a monthly fee to communicate.

About Hayward PoolComm

All of the communication options are used to connect your pool and controller to Hayward’s PoolComm.

PoolComm is a revolutionary way to manage the water quality of multiple controllers for both pools and spas from a single remote location. This online interface allows detailed monitoring, pH and ORP adjustment, compliance documentation and more- all through the internet. Any computer, iPhone®, Android™ or web-enabled mobile device can manage a controller using PoolComm.

You can set up your Poolcomm account to alert you with a text message any time an alarm is activated at any of your CAT locations connected to the PoolComm service.

Check out this video on Hayward Poolcomm

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