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Proper Safety Products for Public Pools

Is your swimming pool equipped with the necessary (and required) safety gear? Regulations vary by state, but here are a few products that your facility should have on deck.

1) A Life Ring Buoy with Heaving Line

A life ring buoy is required in nearly every state. This is a key safety item for any pool, lake, or river environment because it can be used for a rescue situation by almost anyone responding to the incident. Keep the ring buoy on an easily accessible hook or cabinet to throw to a swimmer in distress.

Ring buoys can be customized with your organization’s name so that they look nice poolside.

2) Pool Gates and Fences

Secure your pool area with a fence and magnetic lock for your gate. Some locks have alarms for an extra layer of security. The gate latch should be self-closing, self-latching, and out of a child’s reach.

3) Depth Markers

Depth markers are required in all states and each state has their own unique requirements. Mark your swimming pool deck with an anti-skid ceramic tile or a 3M depth marker. Place smooth ceramic tile, plastic overlays or paint stencils on the pool walls.

4) A Whistle

Swimming Pools can be a noisy environment. Keep a whistle on hand to get the attention of the swimmers in an emergency situation.

5) First Aid Kit

Keep a basic first aid kit at your pool. Kits are available in different sizes, ranging from a 25-person kit to a 150-person kits. Many states require first aid kits be placed next to your pool. Some essentials to look for a in a good kit include ammonia inhalants, antiseptics, and gauzing.

6) Life Vests

Young swimmers and weak swimmers should wear a USGC approved Life Vest whenever they are in or around the water. Check the label to confirm the weight limit.

7) Rope & Floats

A rope with floats creates a visible barrier between the shallow and deep ends of the pool to ensure that inexperienced swimmers stay in the shallow end of the pool. Some states require ropes with floats to designate the various depths of pools.

8) Life Hook & Pole

If someone appears to be drowning, extend the hook and maneuver it around them. This is a life saving device that should be at every swimming pool and is required by many states.

9) Proper Signage

Let your swimmers know the rules of the pool. Post pool rules, exit signs, telephone location, No Diving, etc. Not having the right signs posted puts your swimmers and you at risk. Each state requires specific pool signs for public pools.

10) Sunscreen

Unprotected exposure to the sun puts everyone at an increased risk for skin cancer. Apply generous sun screen and repeat as directed.

Swim safe!

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