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How to Get Your Pool Lift Ready for The Season

For the most part, getting your pool ready for the season simply means getting your pump running and your water blue. One of the last things that people typically consider is making sure the lift is operational. A dead pool lift, however, can be a show-stopper; Not only is a lift essential for swimmers with disabilities, but it's a federal requirement as well! We've put together a quick checklist to ensure that your pool is up-to-code and ready to be enjoyed by all.

Pool Lift Batteries

  1. Test your battery and replace if needed. Ensure any lift batteries in storage are cycled for charging. The more often the better. Batteries will lose their capacity to retain a charge and function properly if they are not charged often. We recommend at least a 12 hour charge every two weeks, but don’t leave the battery on the charger all the time.
  2. Check the date on your batteries! There usually is a silver sticker on the side that will give a MFG date. Batteries typically last about 2 to 3 years. Consider purchasing a back-up battery to have on hand.
  3. Test the battery on your lift when it is taken out of storage or the cover is removed. You can do this using a voltmeter. Lift batteries should read at least 24 volts.

Make Sure to Locate All Remotes and Check That They are Working

  1. Battery-powered lifts use remote controls for complete user functionality. If you cannot locate your remote, go online ( or contact us via phone (1.866.446.6416) for a replacement.
  2. If you have the remote, test it with the battery on the lift. If it doesn’t work at all, change the battery in the remote and reprogram the remote.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Lift

  1. Proper lift maintenance will ensure a long life for your pool lift and help avoid unnecessary costs.
  2. If you have a stainless steel lift, consider obtaining a stainless steel cleaning solution such as #152161. Use a scratchless Scotchbrite pad and disposable rags to thoroughly clean all of the exposed stainless for a like new look each year.
  3. Change the batteries often. The more often, the better.
  4. Lubricate the Lift. Check your manual first to be sure you can lubricate your lift and the proper lubrication points. Apply dielectric grease to battery and receiver contacts. Lubricate all pivot points with a light 3-in-1 oil, such as WD-40 or food grade silicone.
  5. Invest in a lift cover to keep your investment protected. It also will help prevent improper usage.

The most important thing after you do all of this is to test the lift. Have someone sit in the chair and enter and exit the pool. You want to be sure the lift is able to operate correctly with weight in the seat, because you never want someone to be in the pool and not be able to get out with the lift.

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