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Five Amazing Pools That Will Blow Your Mind!

A collection of awesome or otherwise noteworthy pools. We are not responsible for any pool envy experienced as a result of reading this post.

1) The Sky Pool, 500 feet above Houston

As much as we love pools, we’re going to pass on “The Sky Pool”.

2) San Alfonso del Mar, The World’s Largest Pool

And you thought cleaning your pool was a lot of work…

Larger than 20 Olympic swimming pools, San Alfonso del Mar holds over 66 million gallons of water

The 20-acre pool sucks seawater directly from the Pacific using a computer controlled suction system

How much did all this cost? The filtration system alone is said to have cost upwards of 3.5 million dollars!

3) Y-40, The Deepest Pool in The World

How deep? 137 feet deep! This pool brings a whole new meaning to the term “deep end”.

4) St. Regis Lhasa Resort – Gold Energy Pool

Can’t decide between gunite and fiberglass? Why not give gold tiles a try?

5) A Pool With a View – Swiss Alps at the Cambrian Hotel

Ok, so this one is more about the view than the pool. Wow!

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