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Choosing a Hammerhead Pool Cleaner

Hammerheads are by far our best selling pool cleaner. This post attempts to answer the most common questions our customers have!

Service Units, For Pool Cleaning Professionals

Service Unit shown with trailer mount. Note the extra braces on the frame.

The service units are designed for pool to pool service route work. The popular Service-21 is now the industry standard for a self-contained cleaner. Instant cleaning means no set-up times, no pumps to prime, and no valves to set. You’ll work faster and easier than ever before. Ready to mount on your truck or trailer, the Service-21 can cut your cleaning time as much as 50%. That can mean hours off your day.

Resort Units, For When the Unit Will Remain on Site

Resort Unit shown. Functionally the same as the Service Unit, but note the lack of trailer mount and minor differences in the cart construction.

The resort units are designed for maintenance work where the unit will be left on site. The popular Resort-30 is the choice of YMCA, hotel, condo, resort, military and water park pool managers nationwide. Resorts units are NOT compatible with the truck-trailer mount system.

The Resort-30 can cut your cleaning time by as much as 50%.

Replacement Vacuum Heads

Replacement heads are available without carts.

The “replacement” Hammerhead vacuum heads are many times used as stand alone Hammerhead cleaners when a cart is not necessary. Be aware that they do not include the electrical connections present on the complete units.

Choosing a Filter Bag

There are a multitude of bag styles for your Hammerhead. Select course or fine, depending on your job type, and also size.

  • HH1502 Coarse Bag “The Hurricane”
    Shop: Regular | Large
    Suggested use: Heavy debris where a second cleaning is a given – Spring clean-ups and start-ups, too. Also comes in an XL size as part number HH1502XL (46″ long). True micron rating: 800
  • HH1506 Standard Bag
    Shop: Regular | Large
    Suggested use: Best for larger debris and coarser sand and gravel particles. Also comes in an XL size as part number HH1506XL (46″ long). True micron rating: 200
  • HH1508 Superfine Bag
    Shop: Regular | Large
    Suggested use: Smaller and larger debris, dust and fine sand. Use this bag when the pool is mostly clean. Good everyday bag to use once the pool is up and running normally. Also comes in an XL size as part number HH1506XL (46″ long). True micron rating: 150
  • HH1510 Ultrafine Bag “The Volcano” (patented)
    Shop: Regular
    Suggested use: Use this bag for special cleanup and when the pool is mostly clean. Patented, no-leak design. Tested to pick up approximately 95% of fire ash and DE powder. True micron rating: 75

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